Monday, April 23, 2012

It is BABY change...

Time for a mini-rant! Every Monday we go to baby swim class at the local leisure centre. Every Monday before baby swim there is OAP swim. Every Monday the OAP's clog up the baby change facilities. 

We get there, all four of the family changing rooms are full. You wait for one to become available and nine times out of ten an old person will emerge. It is infuriating. There are plenty of normal changing facilities available but they see fit to take themselves into baby change, knowing full well baby class starts soon after their session. *Sigh*  I can only assume it is because they are marginally bigger.

And what is worse, today, not only did I have to wait for one when we got there before the lesson started (and yes, an old person came out), after the lesson I had to wait again, with a wet baby getting cold... and you've guessed it, my baby was getting cold while an old person was using the changing room with the facilities designed for him. Rahhh I was so cross. 

The door is clearly signed old people...  might have to start making a point. 

So basically baby and child changing then... 

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